HIV/AIDS patients face higher risk of depressive disorders but go ‘unrecognised’

HIV/AIDS diagnosed people are likely to be more prone to the risks of depressive disorders. However, a literature review from the Harvard Review of Psychiatry, suggests that in many cases, these conditions go “unrecognised or untreated”. As per the reports of Gustavo C. Medeiros, MD, of the University of Texas […]

Lockdowns shouldn’t be fully lifted until coronavirus vaccine found, new study warns

Coronavirus lockdowns across the globe should not be completely lifted until a vaccine for the disease is found, according to a study based on China’s outbreak published in medical journal The Lancet. China’s draconian restrictions on daily life appear to have halted the first wave of Covid-19 across much of the country, but the researchers used […]

Covid-19: Google CEO Sundar Pichai donates Rs 5 crore to Give India

Google chief Sundar Pichai has donated Rs 5 crore to Give India, matching Google’s earlier donation to the non-profit organisation for the coronavirus pandemic. “Thank you @sundarpichai for matching @Googleorg’s Rs 5 crore grant to provide desperately needed cash assistance for vulnerable daily wage worker families…,” Give India said in a tweet. […]